The Training Facilitator’s primary responsibilities are to develop training projects in various regions of the world and to train Christian leaders abroad, leading teaching teams for this purpose. The Training Facilitator should also be able to respond to the need for a trainer on short notice, should such a need arise. The ideal candidate will be a skilled teacher of the Scriptures, possess significant experience in pastoral ministry, be a passionate disciple-maker, and be recognized as a proven leader. Responsibilities include:


  • A thorough knowledge of the Reaching & Teaching training curriculum
  • Teaching pastors and leaders in a cross-cultural setting
  • Leading Reaching & Teaching short-term teaching teams  
  • Developing and monitoring short-term training sites
  • Working with staff and field personnel to identify additional training opportunities 
  • Recruiting qualified teachers to teach on short-term teams


  • Working with staff and field personnel to identify additional training opportunities
  • Working with the Short-Term Ministry Team with ongoing team responsibilities
    • Meeting with Short-Term Team as scheduled or requested
    • Assisting other team members when they are out of country
    • Orienting/Debriefing training teams
    • Developing site profiles for new training sites
  • Assisting in mobilization
  • Assisting with communication needs as needed
  • Developing and maintaining personal support base


  • Mature disciple of Jesus Christ
  • Proven leadership ability
  • Excellent communication skills and teaching experience
  • Master’s Degree in Theology or Ministry (preferred)
  • 5 years of pastoral experience (preferred)
  • Significant experience in a cross cultural setting (preferred)


  • Participation in regular Reaching & Teaching short-term mission trips each year to train pastors and church leaders
  • Domestic travel for conferences and events as requested by Reaching & Teaching leadership


  • Compensation to be agreed upon when hired
  • Reaching & Teaching employees raise their own support package for their salary package and ministry expenses.

Job Application

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  • Application Overview:

    General Instructions:

    All application materials must be submitted in their entirety.


    You will be required to upload a high-res (i.e. camera resolution) photo of yourself and your family (if applicable). You will also be required to upload a photo of your passport.

    Copy of Your Testimony:

    Each applicant must submit a summary of his or her salvation testimony, walk with the Lord, and sense of calling. You will be required to upload this document at the end of this application (we prefer .doc, .pdf, . or .rtf formats).

    Cover Letter, CV and References:

    Please submit a cover letter, CV and full contact information for five references. One reference must be a pastor; one must be your current or most recent employer. References will require name, relationship, address, phone, and email.

    Statement of Beliefs:

    You must agree with the Baptist Faith and Message (2000) or The Gospel Coalition Confessional Statement in order to be approved by RTIM. As an inter-denominational organization we minister from a foundational base of doctrines that capture mainstream evangelical theology. These statements of belief are included and should be reviewed. In the specified location, please note which document most closely reflects your convictions. Submission of the application material with this information noted indicates your affirmation of the doctrinal statement you indicate and your agreement to serve wholly in accordance with it while on staff with Reaching and Teaching International Ministries. Additionally, you must agree to the Nashville Statement.

    Virtual Office

    Reaching & Teaching has a decentralized home office, such that staff members are free to live at the location of their choice.


    Compensation will be designated upon hire and is based upon the position and the candidate’s ministry experience. All staff members are responsible for raising their full financial support package, which includes a monthly service fee for employment overhead (7% of receipts or $400/month, whichever is higher).

    Please e-mail [email protected] if you have any questions or would like more information.


    Upon completion and submission of these application materials, you will be contacted by a RTIM staff member to set up your initial interview.