The Centrality of the Local Church

Reaching & Teaching believes that Jesus Christ gave His Great Commission to His church. For this reason, we seek to mobilize and train local churches across the United States and beyond to join us in the work of training pastors and proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Through missions training, short-term trips, and facilitating the sending of career missionaries from your church, Reaching & Teaching is a resource for you and your church as you seek to identify specific ways to faithfully obey Christ’s Great Commission.

Church Partnerships

We believe Church Partnerships are the most effective way to meet the need for deep discipleship and theological training around the world. A partnering church can engage with us at one of three partnership levels for our week-long training modules:

Level 1

A church provides training personnel for the entirety of a selected site’s training program – 3 one-week trips per year for 3 years.

Level 2

A church provides training personnel for 2 one-week trips per year during each year of the three year of the program.

Level 3

A church provides training personnel for 1 week per year during each of year the 3 year program.

While the focus of our church partnerships is training indigenous pastors, we often minister in a variety of ways, providing partnering churches a unique opportunity for broader trip participation in ministries such as women’s discipleship, children’s evangelism, and church construction projects.

Discover More

Please contact us for more information about church partnership opportunities.