Reaching & Teaching is seeking missionaries who are called of God to make an impact in this part of the world that is not only dry physically, but dry spiritually. This area of the world has obviously been resistant to the gospel for a number of years; however there have been anecdotal reports of late of many persons coming to Christ. There is a need to equip and train pastors and leaders in this region, many of whom are recently converted. In most, if not all, of the nations of MENA, it is not possible to enter the countries on a missionary visa. Therefore, missionary candidates must develop a platform for allowing entry into the specific country. Through “tent-making” ministries such as business, engineering, education, healthcare, and other opportunities, missionaries can serve the nation where they reside through offering needed services as well as have an impact on their community and the believers they discover there. Exciting opportunities await missionaries who feel called to this dynamic part of the world where the Spirit of God is at work.

Need: Training & Discipleship in MENA

Time requirement: 3 years minimum

Education requirement: Bible College or Seminary

Language Proficiency: Arabic proficiency or language school enrollment necessary