Moyo, Uganda

September 15, 2017 - September 26, 2017

Total trip cost: $2000

The Moyo district is in northwest Uganda near the border of South Sudan. The training at Moyo has the potential to impact thirty selected pastors and leaders who have had little opportunity to receive theological training. The leaders attending will be trained to train others, increasing the impact of this project site. There are trusted, established missionaries in Moyo who have worked with this group of leaders and will follow up with them between training trips.

This site is a ministry of High Pointe Baptist Church in Austin, TX. We are looking for one additional church partner. For information about this site and to inquire about serving on a short-term trip here, please email [email protected] prior to completing online application.

Those who participate on this trip will teach a course on Christian Doctrine, as well as give instruction on the spiritual discipline of worship and shepherding God's flock.

All team members are expected to procure a copy of: "Hearts, Heads, and Hands: A Manual for Training Others to Train Others" and have read: "Foreign to Familiar: A Guide to Understanding Hot - And Cold - Climate Cultures."

Deposit Amount: $1400

Application, Deposit, and Passport Due: July 14, 2017

Balance Amount: $600

Balance Due: August 18, 2017