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Participation Requirements

Trip participants must procure a copy of Hearts, Heads, and Hands by David Sills and have read Foreign to Familiar: A Guide to Understanding Hot- and Cold-Climate Cultures by Sarah Lanier. Participants must also have a valid passport, not expiring within six months of the trip date.

Trip Description

Those who participate on this trip will teach a course on Hermeneutics, give instruction on the spiritual discipline of evangelism and developing leaders, as well as teach an advanced course for those who have completed the basic program.

Total Cost: $1900

Deposit Amount:

Deposit Due:
July 28, 2018

Balance Amount:

Balance Due:
September 1, 2018

Application Due:
July 21, 2018

Study guide for this trip

Module 5: Hermeneutics

Module 5: Hermeneutics