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Core Resources

Reaching and Teaching: A Call to Great Commission Obedience

While evangelism and church planting are essential components of a biblical missions program, they are merely the first wave of the task to which we have been called. Reaching and Teaching surveys contemporary missions methodologies and advocates a return to the biblical task of reaching and teaching the nations for Christ’s sake. Outlining issues essential to establishing a ministry that results in discipled and trained national believers, Sills provides examples of what is left in the wake of reaching and leaving too quickly. Whether you are a seasoned missionary, student, or newly curious about missions, Reaching and Teaching will reveal ways you can be more faithful to what Christ has called and equipped you to do.

The Missionary Call: Find Your Place in God's Plan for the World

Christians of all ages recognize the heartbeat of God to take the Gospel to the nations and often wrestle with the implications of the Great Commission in their own lives. The Missionary Call explores the biblical, historical, and practical aspects of discerning and following God’s call to nations. Dr. Sills addresses common misconceptions about the missionary call while also answering key practical questions on the minds of those discerning a call to missions. Whether you know you are called, or are still struggling to know God’s will, The Missionary Call will help you discern your place in God’s plan for the world.

Introducción a la Misiología

Esta obra es una introducción práctica al tema de la misiología. Es una introducción porque abarca en forma general los temas normalmente considerados como esenciales en cualquier discusión seria de las misiones, como su filosofía, su teología, sus bases bíblicas, sus pautas históricas, y sus prácticas dentro de un entendimiento apropiado de la antropología y la comunicación intercultural. Es una introducción práctica porque los autores han intentado presentar cada tema de manera que tenga valor práctico.



Reaching and Teaching the Highland Quichuas: Ministries in Animistic Oral Cultures

As God moves among a people group to bring about conversions, missionaries must determine how best to then disciple and train indigenous leaders. When that people group consists of oral learners or those who have a history of syncretism, the challenges to develop indigenous leaders can seem overwhelming. Dr. David Sills served as a missionary among the Highland Quichuas of Ecuador, a people with a rich cultural and spiritual history. Conquered by the Incas and the Spaniards, in bondage both to governments and false religions, they have experienced a movement of the Holy Spirit in recent generations. In Reaching and Teaching the Highland Quichuas, Dr. Sills explores the historical, cultural, and practical considerations necessary to develop a training program for biblically faithful indigenous leaders in animistic oral cultures.


“David Sills has addressed the single, burning issue in this, the greatest era of mission expansion in the history of the Christian Church. The Missionary Call presents a powerful, scripturally sound and convincing response for anyone considering a vocation in missions. I would urge every pastor and church missions leader to keep multiple copies of this book on hand as a reliable resource for anyone considering the call to missions.”

-Tom Elliff- President, IMB

“[In Reaching & Teaching] David Sills makes the argument that a holistic and biblical methodology for missions must include both search and harvest strategies. It must include evangelism and discipleship, church planting and theological training. Each of these are essential elements in reaching the nations for King Jesus. To neglect even one is to do serious damage to the task of world missions. This book is long overdue. I welcome its arrival. I pray for its implementation.””
-Daniel L. Akin- President, SEBTS

"Dr. Sills leads his readers through a methodical evaluation of the complexities of a missionary calling without being formulaic or unnecessarily mysterious. The Missionary Call should be in the tool kit of anyone exploring a calling to cross-cultural ministry. I will recommend it to all of Wycliffe’s candidates."
-Bob Creson- President, Wycliffe

"Reaching every people group with the gospel is the task of the church. In Reaching and Teaching, Sills provides helpful guidance about the pace of the discipleship and training process of indigenous church leaders. With passion, he calls on missionaries, agencies, and the church to make theological training a cornerstone in the work of reaching the nations for Christ."
-Ed Stetzer- President, LifeWay Research

"All mission-minded believers should read Reaching and Teaching. All missionaries should put its principles into practice. All instructors should read and teach it. This to the establishment and maturation of Christian churches all around the world."
-David J. Hesselgrave- Professor Emeritus of Mission, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School