Hello, may the Lord bless you all. Truly I am very thankful for all I have learned from you. Perhaps you hear this all the time, but I have learned more in one week than I have learned in years of being a Christian. My life and my ministry have been transformed radically. You cannot imagine how much I enjoy reading my Bible now. It is as if my eyes have been opened. I pray that you can complete the goals that you all have as a ministry of Truth and that God will bless you. Do not abandon us. Before you all came, the local churches were not involved with teaching but now it is something that is growing everyday.
– Minister in the Dominican Republic

I have been serving as a full time minister in the same church in Ethiopia for the last 21 years. I recently found Dr. Sills’ book on the missionary call and it removed all doubt I had toward going on the mission field outside of Ethiopia. My church knows of my calling and has encouraged me to go. I am going to complete some training and then will be going to the mission field as He has called me to do. I am writing to ask if it is possible for you to come to Ethiopia and train ministers in the church, please? The needs are great. I would also like to ask if you could partner with my denomination-the largest in Ethiopia- to develop a missions sending program for our churches to mobilize around the world. We have already sent missionaries to Pakistan, South Sudan, India, Tanzania, and Chad. However, we need more trained people to go and organization to ensure the ministries are supported and sound. Will you help us?
– Minister in Ethiopia

This state has 13 million people, 630 cities and 8100 villages. This state has many sacred rivers and temple. Kasi Varanasi is considered as the second heaven people come and stay here in die; in many ways this has become a great center of India yet this state has the greatest number of the lowest class people. Essentially all the people are worshiping idols, please pray for us and God’s work here. This is a persecuted area, people are ready to kill Christians. In 2007, we went into a village to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ but we were beaten and they stole all of our ministry tools (Bibles, books, and tracts). There is a great number of orphan children living on the street, so we plan to start an orphanage. Please pray for that request. We also hope to start a Bible College to train disciples and send them into North India. We kindly request that you and all your friends in Christ please pray for the needs of India and for our ministry.
– Minister in India

I serve as a pastor and evangelist in Pakistan- a country bound by Satan in many ways. The people of Pakistan need to know the truth and love of our Lord Jesus Christ. We have tremendous needs of essentially every kind, but our greatest needs are for the Holy Spirit to move and call my countrymen to repentance and faith in Christ and for church leaders to be trained to know the Bible and how to lead those the Lord has saved. Of 160 million people, only one percent of the country are Christians and among the Christians there are very few trained pastors. The needs are great. Please pray for God to move and please pray about coming to train the Christians so that we can reach our neighbors. I believe it would our privilage to work with you for the Glory of the Risen Lord.
– Pastor in Pakistan

We write to request that you come to Liberia to minister to church leaders and workers. We seek the advancement of God’s Kingdom in Liberia and it neighboring countries as we seek to reach all Muslims and non- Christians with the Gospel of Christ. We are currently reaching out to all Muslims as well as street children and pastors who have not been trained.
– Pastor in Liberia

People are crying for the truth but they don’t have any church in the villages to pray and preach. This soil needs the true seed of the Word of God to sow so that Jesus overcomes their spirits and their lives like Jesus Christ. Here still there is a lot of people who have not enough money to purchase the Bible. We want to start a program to distribute the Bible without any cost. The people of Pakistan need salvation. We need to support them to find the glory & Kingdom of God. We are waiting on God’s servants who will come & teach them about glory of God. We need a true Shepherds of God who will guide us in right ways to lead the kingdom of God.
– Evangelist in Pakistan

I praise the Lord for knowing about your ministry! I am really blessed with knowing of all you are doing. I am really interested in what you are doing and how it could help the church in Myanmar. I, with many pastors and disciples, have been serving among the Buddhists here in Myanmar. We share the Gospel and make disciples. I really believe that your ministries would really be effective here in Myanmar and it is very needed. I would like more information of your ministries and planning ministries of international. Please come and teach the pastors here and help us to know how to be more faithful when we tell people about Jesus and help them know how to be disciples. We need your help. Please help us.
– Evangelist in Myanmar