I am grateful to God for the growing impact of David Sills and Reaching & Teaching International Ministries. I praise God for their efforts to obey the Great Commission by filling the void of theological education and biblical discipleship.

David Sills possesses a unique combination of gifts to lead Reaching & Teaching to accomplish this work. He possesses both theological acumen and missional passion. His field experience, leadership skills, and academic accomplishments come together to give him the unique ability to lead this ministry. . .I long for the day when the very concept of “unreached people groups” is no more. Toward that end, I am extremely encouraged by what David Sills and the ministry he leads are doing, and I enthusiastically support their work.

David Platt


David Sills is one of the most faithful missiologists on the evangelical scene today. He is a man of conviction and passion. I’ve had the opportunity to travel with him in different parts of the globe and can attest that he is one whose heart for the nations is transparent and infectious. I am thankful for David Sills as one of the keenest minds and warmest hearts on the missionary field today. I am proud to have him as a member of the Southern Seminary faculty.

R. Albert Mohler, Jr.


Scripture calls us to make disciples, teaching them all that Jesus taught us. Yet, this is no simple task and we need an intentional focus on both evangelism and disciple making in order to be faithful to it. David Sills is addressing this great need through Reaching & Teaching International Ministries, which reaches the lost, disciples believers, and trains church leaders around the world. I am thankful for Dr. Sills and Reaching & Teaching and have every confidence that their faithfulness and methodology brings great glory to King Jesus!

I have known David Sills, and every member of his family, both personally and professionally for over a decade, and can attest to the fact that he is a man of the highest caliber character. David Sills knows what it means to be a missionary, taking the gospel to those who have never heard the transforming message of the Lord Jesus Christ, investing in people over the course of years through patient, faithful ministry. He also knows what it means to be a seminary professor and a pastor, and what it takes to train the pastors that will build up the churches of the next generation. David and his team serve the Kingdom of God and carry out the Great Commission with faithfulness and excellence by providing excellent training around the world.

Russell D. Moore


I am so very pleased to offer words of affirmation for the efforts of Reaching and Teaching International Ministries. The quality of service carried out by this ministry is outstanding in every way. It is a joy to commend this fine work, which is carried out with integrity at every level. The educational opportunities along with the care provided to help people will not only strengthen the churches in the area, but will assist in building better communities for one and all. Furthermore, I am impressed with the overall leadership provided by President David Sills. It is a privilege to offer support for Dr. Sills and those involved in the ministry of Reaching and Teaching International Ministries.

David Dockery


Dr. Sills exemplifies tireless effort, academic excellence, wisdom from years of experience in many overseas fields of ministry, as well as a great spirit of collaboration. I have had the personal privilege of being part of a team that he led, working in Ecuador in 2013. During that trip, I witnessed first-hand his skilled teaching, leadership, and care for people.

I highly commend him and the ministry to which he is engaged, for any who are considering any mission related to equipping and instructing leaders.

William E. Walsh

Director of International Outreach

I am so grateful for the ways in which God is using Reaching & Teaching International Ministries to faithfully share the Gospel and carefully teach Christ’s commands so that He is glorified among the nations. There is no greater joy than walking with Christ and seeing the fruit that comes from being obedient to His Word. I am confident that God will continue to use Reaching & Teaching to help make this joy a reality for people groups around the world.

Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Author, Host of Revive Our Hearts radio