The Biblical Basis of Missions
Challenges of Change in Missions
Critical Contextualization: The Balance Between Too Far and Not Far Enough
Getting There: The Hows and Whys of Missionary Deployment
The Global South, Southern Church, and Role of the West
How to Know God’s Will
How Shall They Hear?
Intercultural Communication
Latinos in Missions
Learning from Paul: Missiological Methods of the Apostle to the Gentiles
Literates Working Among Oral Cultures
The Mission Field as a Missions Force
Missionaries Training Nationals: How Much is Enough?
Missionary Biographies
Orality and Bible Translating
Orality and Theological Education
Overcoming Hindrances to Getting to the Field
Preparing for and Overcoming Challenges on the Mission Field
Reaching and Teaching the Nations Next Door
Reaching and Teaching Oral Learners
Search vs. Harvest Theology: Reaching or Teaching?
Teaching Them: The Great Omission of the Great Commission
Techniques and Tools: The Greater Good and What Only God Can Do
Technology and the Missionary Life
Timing and the Missionary Call
Understanding and Answering the Missionary Call
Urbanization and Globalization in Missions Today
What should I do if my spouse doesn’t feel called?
Working with Missions Agencies