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The many opportunities listed below are merely suggestions for locations in which to invest your life on the field and do not imply that a Reaching & Teaching missionary cannot serve elsewhere. Reaching & Teaching always seeks to partner with believers to fulfill the calling that God has placed on their lives. We are eager to work with you to see how our ministry vision and your sense of call might find expression in your service through career missions.

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Chaco, Argentina

Situated in the northern portion of Argentina, the province of Chaco was initially settled by Jesuits, but is in great need of biblical teaching and training programs for the one million people who now call it home. The frequent travel throughout this region, including ministries in Chile and Bolivia make this opportunity unique for the candidate who is interested in having an impact that is both broad and deep. Additionally, the region to be served is beautiful with extensive savannas and palm forests.

Opportunity: Training and Discipleship

Patagonia, Argentina

Are you interested in going to the ends of the earth? Serving in Patagonia will come about as close to giving you that experience as you can get. This area of the country is unique to any other place in the world as it includes the southern section of the Andes mountaints as well as deserts, stepps, and grasslands. Additionally, it borders both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, comprising the southern tip of the Americas. It’s an enormous, but sparsely populated area that provides the opportunity for both a thriving ministry as well as unique quality of life and experiences for the adventurer who desires to see Christ proclaimed to the uttermost edges.

Opportunity: Training and Discipleship

Cochabamba, Bolivia

Cochabamba is often called "City of Eternal Spring" or "The Garden City" because of its enjoyable Spring-like weather year-round. Cochabamba is the fourth largest city in Bolivia with a population of 650,000 and is among Bolivia's most economically progressive cities. Commensurate with other large cities in the Andean highlands of South America, Cochabamba is a city of contrasts. Its central commercial districts are generally equipped with modern urban amenities and house the majority of the city's business and commercial industries. In contrast, there is a remote area of Cochabamba that is visibly impoverished, with adobe homes and unpaved roads, which is often the first impression visitors acquire while commuting into the city.

Opportunity: Training and Discipleship

La Paz, Bolivia

La Paz is the administrative capital of Bolivia and is the most elevated seat of government in the world. The city sits in a bowl surrounded by the mountains of the high plains. As it grew, La Paz crept up the hills, resulting in varying elevations from 10,500 to 13,500 ft. Lying near Bolivia's western border with Peru and Chile, La Paz was built by Spanish Conquistadors near the ancient Inca settlement of Laja. La Paz is a modern city of nearly a million people and is the academic, mining and industrial center of Bolivia.

Opportunity: Training and Discipleship

Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Santa Cruz de la Sierra is the largest city in Bolivia and one of the fastest growing cities in the world. It is a city of 1.5 million and is nestled along the Pirai River. Santa Cruz is an economic powerhouse, possessing a global economy and serving as a major migration center. Santa Cruz enjoys a tropical savanna climate, with an average annual temperature around 73 °F. Although the weather is generally warm year round, cold winds called "surazos" can blow in occasionally from the Argentine lowlands, causing the temperature to dive. Because of Santa Cruz's important place within Bolivia and all of South America, missionaries here have a strategic opportunity to advance the gospel.

Opportunity: Training and Discipleship

Belém, Brazil

Belém is the capital and largest city the in the state of Pará in the north of Brazil. This strategically located city is the entrance to the Amazon River and is home to a busy port. With 2.2M people, it is the 11th most populous city and was the first Europeon colony of the Amazon. The city is also home to impressive modern shopping areas and commerce.

Opportunity: Training and Discipleship

São Paulo, Brazil

São Paulo is the largest city in Brazil, as well as the largest in the Southern Hemisphere, and the seventh largest in the world. It holds a position of tremendous influence throughout Brazil and the Americas. Those who serve through this ministry location will have the opportunity to influence the influencers of an entire hemisphere.

Opportunity: Training and Discipleship

Guayas and Manabí, Ecuador

Ecuador's coastal areas provide unique opportunities for ministry as it is home to some of the deepest ministry needs and is the most populous area in the country. The coastal culture coupled with small communities as well as the largest city in the country form a region that is strategic for reaching and teaching a diverse audience.

Opportunity: Training and Discipleship

Quito, Ecuador

Quito, Ecuador is the highest capital city in the world as well as one of the most well preserved. From the volcanos to the cathedrals, the parks to the centers of business that have made it the second largest city in the country, Quito is a remarkable city. Yet, despite all its beauty, the spiritual needs in Quito and the surrounding areas are tremendous.

Opportunity: Training and Discipleship

Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Mexico

"Tenemos tu casa en Chiapas.” So goes a common greeting in many parts of Mexico but, if the Lord is calling, missionaries could find not only a home, but a rich ministry in Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas, Mexico. Chiapas is the southern-most state in Mexico and shares a border with Guatemala. Chiapas is the state in Mexico where the gospel is spreading the fastest, but it is also a region where evangelicals have experienced significant persecution. There are numerous churches, but they are often struggling and need training, encouragement, and love from a missionary with a vision for discipleship. Large indigenous groups such as the Ch’ol, Tzotzil, and Zoque are within a short drive from Tuxtla Gutiérrez.

Opportunity: Training and Discipleship

Panama City, Panama

Panama City, Panama is one of the most strategic countries in the world given the centrality of its location and the diverse population that calls it home. Reaching & Teaching has a strong partnership with multiple churches and ministries in the area and is seeking missionaries to train and disciple believers in this unique city.

Opportunity: Christian School Discipleship

Opportunity: Training and Discipleship

Huánuco, Peru

If you were to follow the route followed by the Incans, through the north of their ancient empire, you would travel through Huánuco, Peru. The Incan Empire is long gone and today Huánuco is the seat of the regional Catholic diocese. A highly religious region, the needs for ministry, evangelism, and pastoral training throughout the Andes Mountains of central Peru are immense.

Opportunity: Training and Discipleship

Iquitos, Peru

Located on the Amazon River in northeastern Peru, Iquitos is the capital city of the Maynas Province and Loreto Region. Being the largest metropolis in the Peruvian Amazon, it is also known as the "capital of the Peruvian Amazon." Iquitos has a population of about 435,000. It is the largest city in the world that cannot be reached by road from other major cities - only reachable by air or river. Transportation to nearby towns often requires a river trip via pequepeque, a small public motorized boat.

Opportunity: Training and Discipleship

Tarapoto, Peru

Located in the high jungle plateau of northern Peru, Tarapoto is a thriving business center for the region. It’s easily accessible by flights from Lima that arrive many times a day but is also a common jumping off point into the Amazon Rainforest. This location makes it an area with tremendous ministry potential to reach and teach throughout the city and surrounding communities as well as into the villages in the Amazon.

Opportunity: Training and Discipleship

Major City, Southeast Asia

The missionary who serves in this role will enjoy a tropical climate. There is a great need in this city for an ex-patriot church that is healthy in doctrine and practice. A missionary to this city would have the opportunity to plant and pastor such a church, with the goal of evangelizing and discipling nationals.

Opportunity: Church Planting, Training and Discipleship