Cochabamba, Bolivia

Cochabamba is often called "City of Eternal Spring" or "The Garden City" because of its enjoyable Spring-like weather year-round. Cochabamba is the fourth largest city in Bolivia with a population of 650,000 and is among Bolivia's most economically progressive cities. Commensurate with other large cities in the Andean highlands of South America, Cochabamba is a city of contrasts. Its central commercial districts are generally equipped with modern urban amenities and house the majority of the city's business and commercial industries. In contrast, there is a remote area of Cochabamba that is visibly impoverished, with adobe homes and unpaved roads, which is often the first impression visitors acquire while commuting into the city.

There are many opportunities to reach and teach in Cochabamba through church planting, evangelism, student ministries, and equipping pastors. There are pastors of indigenous churches in the region that need training in order to more faithfully carry out the work of the ministry. If these ministries are areas in which God has called you to serve, Cochabamba may be an ideal location for you.

The ideal candidate will be a proven disciple of Christ who has modeled faithfulness to God’s Word by living it out, teaching it in individual and group settings in the local church, and studying how to rightly divide it in Bible college or seminary. He will be willing to travel within his area of service to pursue discipleship opportunities and be able to develop and follow processes.

Need: Training and Discipleship

Time requirement: 3 years minimum

Education requirement: Bible college or seminary

Language Proficiency: Spanish proficiency or language training required