Panama City, Panama

Panama City, Panama is one of the most strategic countries in the world given the centrality of its location and the diverse population that calls it home. Reaching & Teaching has a strong partnership with multiple churches and ministries in the area and is seeking missionaries to train and disciple believers in this unique city.

Through a relationship with field partners, there is specific opportunity for a missionary to serve in a Christian school in Panama City. This missionary would also be able to minister through the pastoral training programs we offer in the area, but would benefit from strong partners with other mission agencies and a structured ministry through the Christian school.

The ideal candidate will be a proven disciple of Christ who has modeled faithfulness to God’s Word by living it out, teaching it in individual and group settings in the local church, and studying how to rightly divide it in Bible college or seminary. He will also have experience working independently, but within a system that serves multiple individuals and ministries.

Need: Christian School Discipleship

Time requirement: 3 years minimum

Education requirement: College degree

Language Proficiency: Spanish proficiency or language school enrollment necessary