I often tell people that if you want to grow in your walk with the Lord, challenge the status quo of your discipleship, and meet some choice servants that you’re going to spend eternity with, make it a habit to read missionary biographies and books about missionary experiences. Here is a list of some fun, fast, and inspirational books to get you started on this adventure. Enjoy them this summer while on vacation, preparing for a mission trip, or reading together as a family. Let me know if they stoke the fire and you want to experience missions firsthand, maybe even to the very place you read about. http://reachingandteaching.org/short-term-missions

  1. Through Gates of Splendor – Elisabeth Elliot: You knew I’d list that one, right? Seriously, this stirring book is a succinct telling of the most well-known and powerful missionary story of the 20th  century. Thousands of people around the world surrendered to career missionary service through the challenge presented in the martyrdom of these five men in January of 1956. Already read it? Then do yourself a favor by reading one of these other books recounting the events or telling the men’s stories from a different perspective.
  1. Mission to the Head-Hunters – Frank Drown: The story of the man who worked among the Jivaros with one of the martyrs and who led the rescue and recovery team
  1. Our Witchdoctors Are Too Weak: The Rebirth of an Amazon Tribe – Davey Jank: A fascinating read detailing the experiences of a team of Bible translators learning and translating a tonal indigenous language in Venezuela. Written in a very witty style that makes it thoroughly entertaining as well as informative.
  1. Uncle Cam: The Story of William Cameron Townsend Founder of the Wycliffe Bible Translators and the Summer Institute of Linguistics – James & Marti Hefley
  1. John and Betty Stam: A Story of Triumph – Howard Taylor: Missionary martyrs in China
  1. Bruchko – Bruce Olson: The story of a 19-year old young man who went to the mission field on his own and against all odds reached a people and found a home
  1. Servant on the Edge of History – Sam James: Southern Baptist missionary to war-ravaged Vietnam. The Jameses served the Lord and Southern Baptists as missionaries for 43 years.
  1. God Planted Five Seeds – Jean Dye Johnson: Thirteen years before the martyrdom of Jim Elliot and his friends by Auca Indians in Ecuador, five members of New Tribes Mission died trying to reach the Ayore tribe in the jungles of Bolivia.
  1. New Song in the Andes – John Maust: The story of awakening and revival among the Highland Quichua people in Ecuador

Dr. David Sills

Dr. David Sills is the founder and president of Reaching & Teaching International Ministries, a missions professor at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, speaker, and author.

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