I am pleased to announce the release of a new missions resource, Introduction to Global Missions. I have been teaching missions in the local church, college, and seminary settings in the USA and Latin America for almost thirty years. I have read and taught from some phenomenal books and articles on the biblical basis, theology, history, philosophy, methodology, and practice of missions through the years. However, one of the challenges that professors have is finding books that cover everything they think should be included. I have tried to meet the need for my class’s required reading with a hodgepodge collection of chapters, articles, and books since no one book covered it all. That is not a harsh critique; other books I have written also address niche areas of missions such as the missionary call, missionary strategies and methodologies, and Andean cultures. Therefore you can imagine my joy to be able to address the need for a contemporary textbook for college and seminary students.

I recently joined two of my colleagues, Zane Pratt and Jeff Walters, to write a new textbook that has been published by our friends at B&H Academic. This book covers the discipline of missions for modern readers in a constantly changing world. 
We are excited to announce that this book is the subject of a Southern Seminary Alumni Academy where we will be presenting the book’s teaching and application. I am thrilled to join Zane and Jeff to show how all believers can and should live in obedience to the Great Commission, whether that is across the ocean, across the street, or across the breakfast table. I love helping people find their place in God’s plan for the world. If you are eager to know what God is doing around the world, the current state of evangelical expansion, how you can be involved in short- or long-term missions, or how your church can develop a healthier and better informed missions program, join us! The Alumni Academy is July 31-August 1 and is free for alumni and prospective students. Check it out here.
I hope to see you there! 

Dr. David Sills

Dr. David Sills is the founder and president of Reaching & Teaching International Ministries, a missions professor at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, speaker, and author.

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