Guest Post from Cristopher Garrido:

The Lord has commissioned His church and His body is present all over the world. God has burdened me to work towards helping to equip some of these leaders around the world, knowing that this will have an exponential impact. Investing a mission trip to equip those called by God as leaders will bear fruit long after the team has come and gone.

I began working with Dr. Sills and Reaching & Teaching earlier this year after learning about his vision and the scope of the ministry. During the summer, Dr. Sills and I took an initial trip to the community of El Cercado in the Dominican Republic and started working with some 25 pastors and church leaders. We made a commitment to this group of church leaders to take 9 one-week trips over the course of three years in order to offer RTIM’s complete training program.

I returned last Sunday from leading a second trip to train pastors in El Cercado. But this time, we not only worked in El Cercado, but were blessed to expand across the border into Haiti, thanks to my home church’s on-going involvement there. We started training Haitian pastors in the community of Belladere and plan to offer the complete three-year training program there as well.

The trip was not without obstacles, ranging from last minute cancellations and delays, a funding deficit, our vehicle breaking down hours away from the training site, problems getting through the border, and so forth. But through it all, we saw God’s hand at work in our favor.

Seven instructors worked with some 70 church leaders and delivered close to 70 hours of teaching time. Some participants traveled for hours in order to part-take in the training. The testimonies from the training were deeply encouraging. First time participants particularly spoke of the training being eye-opening to them. One participant in particular said, “this has been an answered prayer, all the uncertainties I had with regards to my faith and to the bible have been addressed, a lot of the things I had seen in the Bible, but were not accepted by my church leaders, have been affirmed. I hope that in the future, you guys will also bring training specifically for women.” Maxell, one of our translators in Haiti, who works with many organizations and translates for many missionary activities said, “I wish this type of training could happen all over my country, this is the greatest need, you have no idea the state the church of Haiti is in.”

God is confirming this calling by backing us in all that we do, and broadening our horizons. Reaching & Teaching’s next trip leaves today for the Amazon jungle of Peru.

Our next trip to work with the pastors’ association at El Cercado and in Belladere, Haiti, is scheduled for January 5-11, 2014. Please pray that God will bring those who will join the trip as teachers and the resources needed to make it happen. If God moves you to get involved you can obtain the details about the trip on the Reaching & Teaching website here.

As I close, I leave you with two additional testimonies from pastors who have been in our classes at these locations. Will you join with me in praying that God will raise up more teachers to go so that more pastors might have this same testimony? Might that be you?

“God bless you in a great way. For me it is more than a privilege to be part of this learning experience in the biblical knowledge. My devotional life and my passion for the bible have radically changed for the better. What impacts me the most is seeing how the things we learned months ago is still fresh and is part of the lives of us all in such a powerful way. Truly the word of God is living and effective. I think that all I learned during this past week has not only caused a great impact in the pastors leaders that were present, but will also impact families, churches and communities. I can’t even imagine what great fruit these seeds that have been sown, will produce. My prayer is that God rewards each of those who make these trainings possible.” –Natanael Medina

“Rich and abundant blessings; someone once said that he who knows the truth shall never return to darkness. I believe that you are being instruments, so that we may know, or grow in knowledge of the truth of God. My prayer is that God will continue to use you for His glory and honor.” –Pastor Juan Francisco

Dr. David Sills

Dr. David Sills is the founder and president of Reaching & Teaching International Ministries, a missions professor at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, speaker, and author.

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